CDLP is a Stockholm based prime underwear label going against the norm of men’s underwear mass production. Taking a sartorial approach in designing a new generation of high quality underwear made from superior fabrics, CDLP creates a unique customer experience enhanced by ingenious packaging. Garments are designed in Stockholm and hand crafted with care by true textile artisans in a third generation factory in Portugal. The visual narrative focuses on intellectual masculinity and portray decent men that follow their dreams.


Design process

Worn every day closest to your skin, we believe that your underwear are precious garments. Our products are tailored with the utmost comfort and style in mind. Our seams are carefully fitted inspired by the seam structure of tailored denim and our waistband is developed for ultimate durability and designed to be a discreet detail in your whole look.

Fabrics and environment

We work with premium cotton suppliers for certain garments, but cherish modern sustainable materials. Our signature Boxer Trunk is made in eco friendly Lyocell – a fabric representing a milestone in the development of environmentally sustainable premium textiles. It is a natural, man made fibre made of wood pulp from sustainable tree farms and is created through the use of nanotechnology in a closed-loop process that recovers or decomposes all solvents and emissions, making it organic and sustainable. Unrivaled for comfort – Lyocell is the absolute pinnacle of softness, breathability and comfort. It is three times softer than cotton, it holds color like no other fabric, it repels moist and bacteria – and most importantly it is 100% biodegradable.

Designed with timeless elegance & environmental responsiveness, we provide a highly discerning clientele with understated premium products delivered through an exceptional customer experience.

Andreas Palm & Christian Larson