Tom of Finland Jock Strap



This limited edition Jock Strap is designed in collaboration with Tom of Finland Foundation as part of the 2020 Centennial celebration. Inspired by a graphite on paper original, Untitled, produced in 1961, the design conceives into reality the garment depicted in the artist’s work. Features an enhanced pouch for superior comfort and fit, and custom ‘Tom’ embroidered waistband. Fits true to size. Presented in Black as a tribute to the monochromatic art. Please note, the interior of packaging contains explicit visuals.

  • Limited edition
  • Snug fit, low waist
  • 95% lyocell/5% elastane
  • Enhanced pouch for superior comfort and fit
  • Custom ‘Tom’ embroidered waistband
  • Consciously crafted in Portugal
    The silk-like softness of our products is spelled lyocell. Lyocell is the most sustainable cellulose fabric available, and the ultimate choice for underwear. The fabric is sourced from wood, and refined in a closed-loop system where 99% of the non-toxic solvent used is recycled. Lyocell absorbs dye better than other cellulose fiber, resulting in vibrant colour (and less dye needed). It requires less water than cotton, while providing a softer and more durable quality. The result is breathing, antibacterial underwear that maintains its’ shape, colour and luster.
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