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Far away from the PR-machinery, award ceremonies and list mania there are hoteliers that work silently under the radar, relying more on word of mouth than glossy magazine rankings. François-Xavier Dussol is that hotelier. Falling in love with Rio over a decade ago, he left his secure job as a banker and moved permanently from Paris to set up Rio’s first boutique hotel, La Maison, and, more recently, La Suite—what might be the world’s most loveable hotel.
More of a guesthouse rather than a conventional hotel
La Suite sits on a narrow peninsula outside of Rio de Janeiro in the haven Joá. It´s 7 rooms are styled with Dussol´s unique blend of contemporary and classic Gallic elegance, imbued with Brazilian passion. Secluded paradis Joatinga beach – called “The jewel of Rio” – is 10 minutes walk from the hotel’s gate and the panoramic view from the terrace beats every postcard you have ever seen.