Jock Strap Reintroduced

February 2023, the Jock Strap makes its way to our core collection, following two limited-edition appearances in 2018 and 2020. Mirroring the sibling underwear styles, design is influenced by tailoring; minimalistic and clean. The super soft silk-like fabric is lyocell, and the waistband is tonal black with signature CDLP debossed logo.


We called our friend Clifton Mooney (aka @gauchecowboy) to shoot the story. Originally from West Texas, Clifton arrived in New York City in spring 2020 on a three-month nursing contract to help alleviate the stress coronavirus put on the healthcare system. It was during this time when he began taking Polaroids alone in his apartment: experimenting with suggestive self-portraits, exploring sexuality.

Through sharing his work on Instagram (his handle inspired by a reference to his former “gauche” style of cowboy hats and socks with sandals), Clifton’s practice has evolved from lockdown self-portraits to go-to portraitist. Now shooting with both film and digital, he is a regular contributor to Interview. His portraits include Christopher Meloni (where the actor was captured wearing CDLP Home), Bowen Yang, Jeremy O. Harris, Jon Kung, and Ryan O’Connell.

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