Summer essentials for activities in and out of water, designed with progressive fabrics and tailored cuts.
CDLP is a Swedish design house of focused, luxury essentials developed with innovation. Consciously constructed in Europe using future-oriented materials.

“The best men’s underwear in the world”


“A brand for grown-ups”


“Underwear that men will actually want to wear”

—Financial Times

“Silky and sexy”

—The New York Times

“Perfecting the juxtaposition of swedish design and portuguese craftmanship”

—Cool Hunting

“Ill-fitting underwear is over”

—British GQ

“Reshaping how men shop for swimwear by introducing sustainability”


“Men's underwear reconsidered”


“Classic underwear that skips the flashy branding and patterns in favor of low-key aesthetics and premium materials”


“Life is better with good pants. Fact.”

—The Guardian
Summer heat requires breathability. Our underwear is made of lyocell—a future-oriented fiber sourced from sustainably grown trees, that is naturally breathable and moisture-wicking.
Mobilité 2021
Our essentials for transitioning in and out of physical performance are designed with robust, heavyweight fabrics, and relaxed fits. Made of recycled and organic cotton blends—lending the collection durability, breathability, and moisture-wicking properties.