An acronym for RENAISSANCE, the R line presents a rebirth of deadstock pieces and materials from the CDLP collection. Offering limited edition drops that upcycle and elevate select pieces, the series offers collection classics, transformed through the unique skillsets of a range of handpicked talents that inspire the CDLP team.

Embroidered Home Suit

In its first release, CDLP presents a line of upcycled and reimagined Home Suits featuring handmade embroidery by Oleg Kulikov, a 6th generation craft artisan. Drawing upon his 17 years of experience, Kulikov elevates a classic archetype of our collections, applying ornate stripes of embroidery to the Home Trousers and Home Shirt, appliqués that require an impressive ten and four hours of intricate handwork respectively.

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Due to the manual craft involved in producing these editions, a limited number of orders will be available. Contact our customer service for information regarding the waiting list.