Between sea and sky
Lensed by Gabriel Mrabi

From a surfer’s paradise on the northern shores of his native Spain, comes a noirish postcard from Paris-based photographer Gabriel Mrabi, capturing the monochome styles of the CDLP swimwear collection.

“One of them, jan, I saw arrive when he was 17 years old. Today he is 21. I try to show a kind of metamorphosis of him bathing between sea and sky. A montage that could be a happy ending of an eighties movie with a hypnotic soundtrack by esquivel.”

“I was very attracted to this place because of its timelessness—this beach has only a few houses built in the 50's. A cheap hostel and a beach bar—when you arrive you don't really know in which era you are.”

Gabriel Mrabi

Gabriel is a Paris based photographer & director. His images have the strength and power to show the sensitivity and vulnerability of adolescence. Understood as the thin line between child and adulthood. His models are always treated as fictional characters out of a film, plus the lighting and frequent use of black and white and sometimes colour, play an important role in his work, giving it a cinematic dramaturgy very much inspired by the cinema of Hitchcock and Buñuel.

Photography by Gabriel Mrabi